Bailey The Mechanical Doggie Bank


Do you think that dogs are able to count? I might be inclined to think of it that way, but I guess they, on purpose, do not want to let you in on the game as they want you to throw that ball or frisbee for as many times as possible, since retrieving is one of their favorite activities (for select breeds, of course). Well, the $19.99 Bailey The Mechanical Doggie Bank is something else altogether, while his other friends were busy learning how to dig a hole in the garden or finding ways to scare the neighborhood cat, Bailey was crunching numbers and went straight to Accounting School, ending up as a banker who loves nothing better to do than to count cold, hard cash.

No, you do not feed him nuts and bolts, but instead, a steady stream of coins will get the job done. Bailey is a well mannered pooch to boot, where he awaits patiently for you to place a coin in his dish, where he will then ‘snack’ on said coin and swallow it – for a rainy day, of course, since he suffers from a permanent case of constipation. Bailey The Mechanical Doggie Bank is powered by a couple of AA batteries.

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