Bandai outs their own robot dog

Getting a dog is more often than not a dream of many a kid, but as parents find out after a while, only the most disciplined of children are able to ensure that the pooch in their possession remains under the right kind of care and responsibility, while majority of the other kids tend to leave the furkid in the care of parents, but maximizing the playtime potential instead. Bandai figured out that there might be a way to get your little one more involved in taking care of the dog – that is, by introducing a robot dog instead.
This particular robot dog will need a smartphone to function as its head and brain, and some might even say that it closely resembles Aibo’s general behavior pattern. The iPhone app will definitely be free of charge (in Japan, at least), where some of the other antics it is capable of include walking, dancing, singing, snapping photos and recording videos – and even better news is, it will not be able to chew on any shoes or slippers, too. No idea on whether it will arrive anywhere else outside of Japan or not though.