Genius G-Shot HD575T is slimmest optical camcorder in the world


Genius is not exactly a name that you would associate with camcorders, but that had never stopped the engineers over at Genius to come up with what they deem as the slimmest optical camcorder in the market at the moment – in the form of the Genius G-Shot HD575T. Of course, we do not dispute Genius’ claims, but surely another company (or even Genius themselves) are able to come up with something slimmer in the future – it is just a matter of time.

Targeting markets in the US and Canada, the G-Shot HD575T prides itself in being a hybrid high definition camcorder with a touchscreen display to keep up with the times, offering you the flexibility of shooting videos and pictures without having to break the bank.

The main body width of the G-Shot HD575T measures a mere 2.28”, and can record all of your favorite memories in 1080p resolution. Not only that, this particular camcorder can also shoot still images of up to 16-megapixels with the help of software interpolation. Not only that, it is also capable of capturing some images or videos from a distance away thanks to the inclusion of 5x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom capabilities.

You will be able to open up the 3” LTPS touchscreen display that folds in and out, rotating if it need be. All it takes is a single touch of the screen before snapping a photo, and you are able to make changes to the brightness levels thanks to the user-friendly Auto Exposure feature. Once you have captured a fair number of images, you can opt to rotate them using a twist of your finger without having to do it over a computer.

Other than that, Genius packs in the Arcsoft Total Media Extreme software that offers a professional photo editing ability, which can be used after you transferred the pictures and videos to your computer. There is also a Motion Detection Mode that allows the G-Shot HD575T to record without requiring anyone to stand beside the camera to steady it. Other hardware specifications include 32MB of internal memory with dual SD memory card slots, stashing away a microSD card and a SDHC card, respectively.

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