KidSafe ensures your iPhone 4S/4 remains damage-free


You know the drill – monkey see, monkey do. Well, ask any parent these days and they will tell you that they have been asked at least once by their kids to get them an iPad or iPhone, and the latest model will obviously be at the top of the list. Having said that, have you seen little toddlers using an iPhone to play games on it? Those iPhones are certainly not too safe from the whims and fancies of a toddler, especially since he/she might decide to smash it against the table out of frustration. Well, TRTL BOT, designers of eco-functional iPhone and iPad cases, have recently unveiled the first ever reversible iPhone 4/4S case known as the KidSafe.

KidSafe was specially designed to protect the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S from damage during use, and to make sure your tiny tot does not mess up your phone’s settings due to random presses, the apps and setting will remain inaccessible to children, other than the app that you have launched. Sounds rather authoritarian, but trust me, you will certainly be happier in the long run that it is so.

Targeting families with young children, the KidSafe will come with a proprietary home button protective cover which ensures there is no unwanted or mistaken access to the home screen, and will also block the ability to access apps or settings. Other than software “protection”, it was also designed with hardware protection in mind, boasting slightly raised corners so that it will be able to shrug off everyday drops or scratches. It will not do much if one decides to smash the screen against the corner of a table though.

According to Peter Gloria, president of TRTL BOT, “The perfect two-in-one double-sided case, KidSafe can be used for everyday activities, and then flipped for extra protection when given to children. With the KidSafe, parents will no longer need to worry about children mistakenly exiting an app, deleting contacts or making unwanted calls.” Since KidSafe will naturally see plenty of action with children, it was manufactured using BPA-free, non-toxic recycled plastic. You can choose from Charcoal Black, Arctic White and Grass Green colors at $24.95 a pop.

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