Wacom Intuos5 tablet

Tablets are dime a dozen these days, and with the iPad 3 being prepared to roll out this coming March 7th in San Francisco, you know for sure that there will definitely be queues when the time comes for the iPad 3 to be released to the masses. After all, it is the next best thing since sliced bread (or at least that is what a $500 billion company wants you to believe), but spare a thought for tablets of a different variety – now I do not mean those from the Android-powered camp, but rather, a digitizer tablet.
Yes sir, you know how all these pretty looking webcomics are done up these days? Well, a digitizer tablet certainly plays a role in the lives of such digital artists, and Wacom, being an old hand in this niche market, has taken it upon themselves to deliver the Wacom Intuos5 digitizer tablet that will target professional photographers, designers and artists who have every intention of bringing their digital content creation to the next level.

Obviously, being new, it will come with a bunch of spanking new features such as multi-touch gesture support for intuitive input, an Express View display to facilitate an efficient workflow and wireless capabilities for your convenience and comfort. When you merge that Wacom’s renowned pen pressure and tilt sensitive pen, you can be sure that the state-of-the-art Intuos5 is more than capable of inspiring creativity via an immersive experience.
Boasting an ergonomic, ambidextrous design alongside and bold new look, the Intuos5 takes on a slim-profile that lets you work in complete comfort. Since designers and artistic types themselves do place a premium in terms of aesthetics, the Intuos5 does not disappoint, boasting a professional matte-black, soft-touch finish and illuminated accents that reflect a modern and durable design. One is able to select from small, medium and large sizes in order to accommodate various creative preferences. Obviously, the pricing structure will be different for each size, but we will come to that later on.
Wireless connectivity is not an issue with the Intuos5, as Wacom allows you to make the conversion via the Wireless Accessory kit that is sold separately on Wacom’s e-store. This kit comprises a rechargeable battery which will juice up via USB, a RF module that plugs into the tablet and a receiver that plugs into a USB port on the computer. Expect the Intuos5 touch Small, Medium and Large to retail for $229.95, $349.95 and $469.95.
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