The TreadWheel, for a Dogs Workout, Hamster-style!


So, did you ever have a hamster? or a gerbil perhaps? I mean, it was a the quintessential childhood experience. Ah the smell of the cedar bedding, his little water bottle hanging on the side of the cage and the obligatory wheel. Gosh you could watch that little critter run on that thing for hours. I always wondered what Snufkins was thinking as he kept running, never getting anywhere. I feel like that sometimes, I guess it wasn’t too bad for a rodent, but what about mans best friend?

Let me introduce you to the TreadWheel, straight from the hamster cage to your living room, the TreadWheel comes in a few different sizes enabling you to exercise your beloved canine companion (from Chihuahua to Shepherd) right in the privacy of your very own home. No more dreaded walks to the park in the rain, no need to even be home, your little buddy can jump on the wheel anytime he chooses and run to his hearts content, at any pace he desires.

The Wheel is pooch powered and made of stainless steel, it includes a training door and has a special cushioned running mat for extra comfort. It appears as though its easy to clean, relatively stable and the larger size also comes with special resistence settings to enable tension control and even more exercise for your pet.

So there you have it, the first product that lets you exercise your dog right from the comfort of your couch. Now If I could just get this thing to generate electricity… hey, there’s an idea. Starting at around $475, its certainly a terrific conversation starter. Don’t miss the video.


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