Angry Birds for Facebook has new power-ups

You can say that casual gaming has taken off in a big way, what with the slew of smartphones which we have all around us alongside tablets, mobile gaming has gotten more and more popular. Forget about Bejeweled, Angry Birds is the kind of hit that video game publishers are looking for. This is one franchise that might denote high blood pressure and plenty of angst, but for Rovio, it is their golden goose.
Certainly Rovio is milking the Angry Birds franchise for all it is worth – and with so many expansion packs released to date, they are not quite done with it just yet. Apart from theme parks that have an Angry Birds slant and tons of merchandise, Rovio intends to bring the bird slinging title to the world’s most popular social network, Facebook. Angry Birds for Facebook will be released this Valentine’s Day, and that means it will be accessible to over 850 million users – on paper, at least.

Just what does Angry Birds for Facebook bring to the table? We are looking at the standard Angry Birds kind of gameplay, but there will be new add-ons such as social components, the ability to compete for a new high score among your friends (I am quite sure that this feature alone would let all of those retired Angry Birds players to come out of their retirement), in addition to new power-ups that can help you clear a level with all three stars, when you get too frustrated as none of your avian friends seem to fly the path that you intended them to do.
You can even send gifts to your friends, which I believe would be in the same vein as that of sending Energy Bags to your mates in Tetris Battle. Some of the power ups are definitely novel ideas – want the perfect shot? The Sling Scope offers laser targeting for pinpoint precision. With King Sling, you can fling your birds with style and speed. Super Seeds work like McDonalds – they supersize your bird to wreck even more havoc. Last but not least, Birdquake does what it says – bringing pigs’ defenses crashing to the ground. Anyone stoked for the new Angry Birds for Facebook yet?

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