Logitech Touch Mouse M600 adds touch capability


The regular mouse is a pointing peripheral that does nothing more than help you control a cursor on the screen to make interacting with the computer easier, but how many leaps of improvements have been made over the years? Not that many as say, TV or phone technology, which is why we are rather pleased to hear that Logitech’s latest release, the Logitech Touch Mouse M600 might just change the way we see and use the mouse. Being inspired by how one navigates on smartphones and tablets, this is a gesture-based mouse which will follow the natural movements of your hands.

Mousing (if there is such a verb) would be like second nature to you, where you are able to scroll, swipe and surf wherever your fingertips rest on the mouse. Of course, having said that, the mouse itself is not a bulky device, but at least the surface of the mouse is far more interactive than ever before instead of being a regular plastic shell that we are all so used to. Not only that, it does not matter whether you are right-handed like the most of us, or are a southpaw, the Logitech Touch Mouse M600 will work just as well either way.

In addition, there is the Logitech Flow Scroll software that ensures the kind of scrolling you enjoy with the Logitech Touch Mouse M600 is not too choppy, which makes it perfect for folks who tend to go through line after line of a large spreadsheet file, filling it up with numbers and figures along the way. There is also advanced optical tracking technology thrown into the mix which translates to precision on virtually any surface – I do not think that it will work with glass though, as so far as I know, all optical mice I have used in the past, even the high grade gaming ones falter when it comes to a glass table.

To further cement its reputation as a looker, the Touch Mouse M600 was also named an International CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree – so you know that it has international recognition. After all, since most of you already have a smartphone or tablet and rely on touch interface navigation, the Logitech Touch Mouse M600 is a natural evolutionary purchase in the world of computing. You can pick one up for $69.99 a pop.

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