Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl

Goldfish are extremely fragile creatures, and they have been bred in a way where efficiency is not a word you would use to describe them, but rather, most goldfish are clumsy and prone to diseases if not cared for properly. Cosmetic fish, as I would like to call them. Some have even said that while a goldfish bowl is nice to look at to us humans, it is not the best place to keep goldfish due to its size and lack of oxygen. Instead of burying your 15th goldfish in the backyard in a year, why not just pick up the $19.99 Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl instead?
You need not worry about forgetting their feeding times any more, and you can always head off for a long vacation without worrying about the health of the tank. Fresh batteries are inserted into the top, where you will then see the goldfish “swim” around, looking rather realistic from afar. Heck, to spruce things up a bit, there is also an always-on LED light show which will morph from one color to another, and you can always use that as your disco light, blasting away your favorite dance tunes on a Saturday night as you live the forever alone lifestyle.