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Razer takes on the portable gaming market yet again with another device that is sure to generate a whole lot of interest this CES – their Project Fiona PC Gaming Tablet. This particular concept is still in the prototype stage, so you will find many of the specifications being under wraps, just like how the Razer Switchblade was treated at last year’s edition of CES as well. Project Fiona will wave away casual gamers, considering how it packs enough firepower to handle the most popular PC games of today without missing a beat, sporting an intuitive control setup that we will look at in greater detail after the jump.

For starters, Razer has collaborated closely Intel to harness the power of its third generation Intel Core i7 processor, making it more like a fully functioning PC, despite being wilfully “trapped” in a tablet form factor that is now familiar to most folks. To make sure that developers need not do any extra work, the Project Fiona was designed in such a way where games on the PC can run natively on it as well, so there is no need to port, optimize, or start development from scratch. Forget about playing casual games with Project Fiona – it was not cut out by Razer (I see what you did there) to do so, as something more serious is in store. It would be a waste to see such a beauty run Angry Birds, don’t you think so?
Razer’s multi-award winning user interface and ergonomics team have come up with an all-new hybrid user interface scheme for Project Fiona, ditching the mouse and keyboard combination that most of us have come to know and love. And you know what? It does seem as though Razer might just be able to pull it off, integrating a couple of game controllers with ultra-precise analog sticks, letting gamepad-enabled PC games run right out of the box. The use of ultra-precise accelerometers and a highly sensitive multi-touch screen adds to the Project Fiona’s playability value. While the Project Fiona is not due to be released until the end of the year, we do know that current-generation PC games are already able to run on the tablet concept.
I guess you can more or less claim that Project Fiona is the first and only tablet that was designed to run PC-quality games, and it has an estimated price point of less than $1,000, making me wonder whether getting an Ultrabook might be a better idea. What do you think?
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  1. will it also run windows… im guessing it would and if it has a tablet style bat life, then its good. Otherwise, its better to by an upgradable laptop.

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