Quantum Scale knows how to keep a secret

Unlike Aunt Gertrude who tends to poke her nose in areas that are not wanted, the £49.99 Quantum Scale is one faithful companion that ladies will appreciate far more than guys, and for one sole reason – it is capable of keeping one of your closely guarded secrets (the other being your actual age), so you need not worry about it having loose digital lips even when it is being threatened with death by drowning, being an electrical item and all. The Quantum Scale works by memorizing your weight the first time you step upon it, and the next umpteenth times you decide to weigh yourself, it will just display the amount of weight that you have shed – or heaven forbid, gained.
Definitely an amazing motivator for those who are looking for ways to shed off the post holiday gluttony sessions, and it will also put things into perspective as it enables you to focus on how far you’ve come (or fallen behind, for those who tend to lead a rather lax lifestyle) instead of how much farther you need to push yourself on before hitting your ideal weight class.