txtRing, the stylus with style, is made for the finger

by Mark R

I think we all know that the enemy of the touchscreen is the naked finger. I have found that my Kindle Fire is constantly plagued by smudges, and I have to wipe it off constantly.

For this reason, I carry around a stylus, but Kindle Fire cover doesn’t have a convenient pocket for it. I also have to constantly keep track of the stylus along with my mobile device.

The txtRng is designed to alleviate these problems. Not only will the txtRng fit on your thumb or index finger so you can keep your touchscreen free from smudging, it is a lot harder to lose a ring.

In other words, the txtRng is “one ring to rule them all”. Yes, all Lord of the Rings references aside, the txtRng truly shows a near-marital commitment to a touchscreen mobile device. However, it is a commitment that I think we already have, honestly.

So will the txtRng be the wave of the future? Who knows. You never know when something like this will really take off, but considering that everything is going touchscreen these days, there is certainly room for the txtRng to make it big. If you want to get in on this, it costs about $29.99 for preorder here.


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Michelle Says: July 8, 2012 at 9:28 am

Just bought my first iPad and got my new txtring and it works great…decided to get a second iPad for my husband and also ordered another txtring for him and he loves it as well…Great with the Ipad….thank you.

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