Portal Christmas Tree

Fans of the video game Portal as well as its sequel will definitely be able to jive with this cute looking Christmas tree – especially when one half of it is sinking down into the floor, while the other half cheekily pokes it’s top out from the ceiling. The light effects that comprise of the rings on both the bottom and the top also add to the overall effect, and good thing none of the presents were harmed or split into half – in fact, there are no presents whatsoever under the tree, simply because the law of gravity would supercede whatever portals that open up, and the presents would just fall down onto the floor, through the portal, and back again – ad infinitum. Best to stash this year’s goodies elsewhere in a safe and stable place, don’t you think so? That must be some special kind of glue used to make sure the top part of the tree remains stuck to the ceiling throughout this Christmas season.