Switch Pop Bottle Opener

If you’re macho and you know it, you would have scoffed at bottle openers, preferring to use your set of pearly whites instead. Wait a minute here, this is somewhat an oxymoron, since pearly whites and macho don’t go together due to all the booze and perhaps cigarettes that you consume. Anyways, that is just a small technicality, and one thing’s for sure – your teeth will not be there all the time, so do be prepared to wear dentures once your hair starts to thin, and that beer belly begins to show. Growing old does not mean you quit your drinking sessions with your buddies, but you might want to give that denture a rest from opening bottles, and start using the $19.99 Switch Pop Bottle Opener instead.
This 7″ long stainless steel switchblade-style bottle opener sports a solid weight to get the job done, while the pearlized handle adds a touch of class. Bear in mind that this is definitely not TSA approved, so leave it at home if you are going to take a flight the next time round.