PowerSkin Gaming Skin for the Nintendo 3DS


Everyone knows that the Nintendo 3DS’ strong point is not its battery – in fact, while the device has a decent battery life for a first generation 3D capable portable console that does not require you to wear any special glasses, when its performance is stacked up against what its predecessors are able to muster up, clearly it lags behind. Good thing there is always the presence of portable chargers for use in vehicles, not to mention the help from manufacturers such as PowerSkin who roll out accessories such as the Gaming Skin for the Nintendo 3DS.

I guess PowerSkin decided to expand their range of shock-absorbing, battery-boosting smartphone cases by including this new portable charging solution for gaming devices – and what better way to kick off this new line than with the Gaming Skin for Nintendo 3DS? I am quite sure that a PS Vita version is already in the works, and we just do not know it only.

Also known as the GP2000, the Gaming Skin for Nintendo 3DS will first and foremost function as a kind of protective case which is able to deliver double the amount of power thanks to the integrated 2,000 mAh battery, where it will serve as a permanent secondary power source which makes sure you can spend double the amount of time playing the 3DS than what you are used to. For those who are more comfortable and confident with actual figures, chances are we are looking at up to 12 hours for 3D gaming, while folks who deal with just regular 2D gaming will be able to settle for 18 hours.

Since Christmas is just around the corner, we are also glad to say that the Gaming Skin for Nintendo 3DS will arrive before Christmas, making it the perfect stocking stuffer if you purchased/imported a 3DS for your kid earlier this year. The Gaming Skin as well as Nintendo 3DS will juice up using Nintendo’s AC adapter, where its patented XPAL Power battery technology will automatically drain the Gaming Skin’s power first so that energy on the Nintendo 3DS will be conserved. When you plug into the AC adapter, however, the Gaming Skin is charged last in the event where there is not enough time to fully charge both devices. Expect to fork out $79.99 for the Gaming Skin for Nintendo 3DS.

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Gleeok Says: December 10, 2011 at 11:08 am

“When its performance is stacked up against what its predecessors are able to muster up, clearly it lags behind.”

What kind of performance? In Sales it surely doesn’t lag behind.

Anyway, You destroyed your article with that, congratulations.

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