Air Table Tennis

I know that there are plenty of air guitar maestros out there, where in their own minds, they are able to churn out their own tunes to maximum effect, with the adoring masses being impatient to jump into their pants. Well, here is a little twist on the traditional air guitar, where we are talking about the £24.99 Air Table Tennis. Of course, it will work fine as long as the batteries inside still have juice, and you can, in your mind (as well as your opponent’s) have a session of table tennis that will rival that of what you watched in Forrest Gump.
The Air Table Tennis paddle is capable of reproducing the entire gamut of the sound effects that you will find in a real game, beginning with the satisfying ‘tock’ from the moment you serve the ball. After it bounces over to the table of your virtual opponent as well as their return shot, you will then have to learn to match the timing of your swing to make a return shot – and hopefully a winning one. I wonder just how many calories one will burn playing with this for an hour.