Waterball Cannons for some splashing fun

I know that summer is long gone, and with everyone wearing thick layers of clothing now to make sure they remain warm and insulated from the coming winter’s chill, here is a toy that you might just want to consider for next year’s watergun fight – the $39.95 Waterball Cannons. Yes sir, this particular cannon will not dispense pellets like a BB gun which sting from up close and personal, but instead, it will shoot out harmless water-saturated pellets.
The blasters will rely on non-toxic 1/16″ polymer pellets that are capable of swelling to 150% their original size when submerged in water for three hours. Each blaster’s hopper is capable of stashing away up to 75 different pellets, and these are loaded and fired one-at-a-time through the simple pulling back and releasing of its spring-loaded bolt carrier. With a range of up to 50′ away, it will ‘detonate’ upon contact unlike some water balloons.

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