Mirrors turn this motorcycle nearly invisible

This is Joey Ruiter, and if you see him on the road with this Moto Undone, you might think he was Superman. That is, if Superman decided to fly in a sitting position low to the ground instead of a lying down position high in the air.
Look again and see a motorcycle that is made of mirrored metal. Granted, it looks quite uncomfortable to sit on, but I would like to think of it as Superman and Batman combining their transportation systems.
The Moto Undone is powered by a 48 Volt, 1000 Watt electric hub motor, just in case you were looking for a place to stick a gas hose. In case you are also looking for a gauge, all the speed and GPS information is displayed via smartphone.
The Moto Undone has a range of 90 miles for about 3 hours, but it is not for sale. In fact, it is on display at the Gran Rapids Art Museum. I suppose it could have the placard of “invisible motorbike”.
Yes, this is a motorcyle that can barely be seen, and it also can be barely heard with its electric motor. So it looks cool and is good for the environment. Too bad that there is only one, as we should definitely change that.