Vuzix does 2D and 3D with Wrap 920 glasses

Stereoscopic 3D is really catching up with the masses, ever since Avatar came out late last year to wow the audiences, but sad to say, the uptake in such technology in the living room is growing albeit not at a searing pace – something which manufacturers and supporters of 3D would have liked to see pushed forward. Heck, even 3D capable TVs are not really doing that well in terms of sales, as consumers do not really see the need across the board to watch movies and the news in 3D other than for the novelty factor.
Well, Vuzix might want to pull one back for the 3D team with their latest Wrap 920 glasses that is capable of supporting thousands of side-by-side 3D videos which have already appeared over at YouTube – clearly making this one of the most affordable ways of watching 3D videos on your home computer, tablet or notebook.

Whenever you plug in Vuzix’s creation into a VGA adapter, the Wrap 920 will take over in full 3D mode – showing off videos which Vuzix claims is capable of rivaling a $2,000 TV in a package without burning anything more than $250 in your bank balance. Not only that, you need not look dorkier than you already do as there is no red/blue glasses to wear, and neither do you need additional equipment or a specific graphics card in order to enjoy the 3D content. As for mobile users, all they need to do is plug into an iPhone or iPad and watch the same videos on YouTube in full 3D even when they are on the road.
Wearing the Vuzix 920 is like putting on a pair of sunglasses – it will let you experience the equivalent of watching a virtual 67″ display as viewed from 10 feet, where you will enjoy both crystal clear 2D and 3D videos. To make sure it will run just right, a couple of AA batteries are able to deliver up to 4 hours of video playback, automatically turning this into the perfect travel companion, especially when you’re making that long, trans-continental flight again. The Wrap 920 can be worn over the majority of prescription glasses, where it will come with separate focus adjustments and the adjustable, hypoallergenic nosepiece for a personalized, comfortable fit.
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