Xtreme Mac’s InCharge Home USB for iPod, iPhone and iPad

It is difficult to talk about the InCharge Home USB for the iPod, IPhone, and iPad without mentioning Energizer’s New 10W USB Chargers and Cables for iDevices that I reviewed last week. Considering that the InCharge Home USB has 10 Watts of power and is designed for the same type of device, you can see my dilemma.
It is always good to have another charger for iDevices around, as recharging cords tend to get lost. What I like about the InCharge is that the plugin is quite thin with flip-out prongs. The one from Energizer has flip-out prongs too, but it is slightly thicker.
Considering that most of us carry around devices that we need to charge with a USB cord, it is good to have something that you can plug into the wall and recharge a USB device. The InCharge Home is that device, and it has a “low profile design” that allows access to the second wall outlet, provided you plug the InCharge Home to the bottom plug-in on your outlet. The same goes for the Energizer product as well.
Just to let you know, the InCharge USB Home is a little more expensive than Energizer’s products, and you can get it on the Xtreme Mac site for about $29.99. Considering that they both do the same things, I don’t know if I can recommend one over the other with a month-long trial of each, and I really do have other things to do.