Nomad Brush lets you add color to iPad programs


Now here is a rather interesting accessory that you might want to furnish your iPad with – I’m talking about the 19.99 Nomad Brush which ought to add a whole lot of color to your life. Yes sir, the Nomad Brush that is made from a blend of natural as well as synthetic fibres will boast of soft bristles that are a snap to use, especially on the iPad’s responsive display. It does not matter what kind of masterpiece you want to work on, whether you use a feather-light touch or actually want to daub on thick strokes, the Nomad Brush will be able to deliver.

All you need to do is make sure that the software or app you have running on the iPad is of the quality that you desire, and you’re good to go. Oh yeah, and as for talent? Sorry, I can’t help you there – either you have it or you don’t, but there is always the option to hone your artistic skills to make sure it is up to par. One more fantastic thing about the Nomad Brush is this – there is no need to clean up once you are done with your masterpiece, now how about that?

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