Heavens And Earth Educating Globe

Getting an education is an expensive affair these days – don’t believe me? Check out the insane prices of college and university tuition fees and come back to me. Well, getting a scholarship might be the way out for some folks, and in order to do that, one must be a well-rounded student. Why not as parents, you can always start them young at home – and what better way to learn about our world than to have the $179.95 Heavens And Earth Educating Globe sitting right there in the middle of the study?

This luminescent globe does not only look like a pretty piece of paperweight, it will also talk in order to engage with young learners by offering activities concerning the Earth’s properties as well as the surrounding celestial sphere. Updated until this year, learners are able to access 30 activities about Earth’s information, ranging from geography to history, cultures and languages, through the simple act of touching the globe or a detailed pullout map of the US with a wireless “SmartPen” (that comes included, of course), where you can then tune in to the narration from a built-in speaker.
There will also be an internal LED that illuminate the globe whenever it is really dark, so that you can check out a view of the heavens projected onto the globe’s surface. Another eight more activities will teach your little ones about constellations, their mythological origins, as well as all the relevant stars that they need to know – who knows, they might just get lost one day while jungle trekking, and they might need the help of the stars to find the True North and subsequently, their way back to civilization.
Not only that, the globe will also pave the way for geographers of all ages to compare world currencies or travel distances, while enjoying each country’s national anthem. All updates can be downloaded from the Internet onto a PC, where data and updates are transferred to the globe via the included USB cable. A quartet of AA and two AAA batteries are required to keep this puppy up and running. Best to get rechargeables then in the long run.

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