Facebook’s Server Farm is Arctic Cool

by Mark R

What you are seeing here is not the villainous lair of Mr. Freeze, but Facebook’s Arctic Server farm.

As I have learned from such films like Live Free or Die Hard, servers require a lot of cooling or they will overheat. Considering that air-conditioning is pretty expensive, Facebook has found that it is less expensive to simply move their servers to a place where it stays cold, constantly.

The server farm will be built in Lulea, Sweden. It is at 65 degrees latitude, which is not far from the Arctic Circle. It is the same distance from the north pole as Greenland, Siberia, Alaska, and any other place up north known for being extremely cold.

The average temperature is about 35 degrees, and then the servers will create some warmer air that can be harmlessly expelled into the Arctic. I am going to assume that one company bringing warm air to the Arctic won’t add to the problem of global warming. If that is the case, then hopefully every company won’t be doing this to save money. As it stands now, Facebook wants to fill an area equivalent to 11 football fields full of servers. Should we be worried?

Assuming there are no harmful environmental after-effects, I am going to assume that Facebook is thinking with mother Earth in mind. After all, if you need a place that is cold, just go to a place where cold is in abundance rather than spend money on making it colder. Considering how much I value warm weather, I am considering moving south.


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JoeFlash Says: November 1, 2011 at 12:00 pm

You should review your facts… The image you show is NOT of Facebook’s server farm. It is an example image of some other facility. The place isn’t even built yet.

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