Award Winning Stroller To Tricycle

When someone describes something as “award winning”, one would most probably think of the Oscars or perhaps, the Grammys. Guess things are slightly different when you drop things down by several notches – case in point, the $179.95 Award Winning Stroller To Tricycle, which is pretty much self-explanatory. This unique toy picked up the Nuremburg Toy Fair’s prestigious “Toy Innovation” award, as it is a stroller which is capable of turning into a push bike, followed by a tricycle after that to suit different stages of your child’s growth. Talk about saving money with just one toy!
Starting from 10 months, children are able to sit securely in the stroller’s padded seat, where they will be surrounded by a metal safety bar and harness, and the full-length back support and stationary footrests will make sure they can rest comfortably for the entire duration of the trip. A handlebar and front wheel are locked in place, letting all steering control fall under the parent’s responsibility.
Different ages will see different stages of conversion, so you can be sure that this gift will be one that lasts for a fair number of years.