Frolicat Sway Magnetic Cat Toy

Cats don’t do fetch unlike your canine friends, and they generally have their own mind and tend to be master over you, the supposed owner. Still, just like Scratch Fury of PVP fame, he might have the brains to rule the world, but toss him a ball of yarn and watch his plans for world domination unravel just like said ball, until he realizes that he has been had – by which the time is too late, as his diabolical plan would probably have been stopped somehow, somewhere, by someone.
If you are wondering just how you’re going to keep your little kitty entertained throughout the day whenever you spend long hours at the office, why not alleviate your guilt with the $14.99 Frolicat Sway Magnetic Cat Toy? All you need to do is attach each magnetic side to opposite sides of a table or shelf, swing the ball and feather and watch your cat go nuts. I suppose whenever you aren’t around, your cat might be curious to give it a few swipes, getting addicted in the process.
No idea on whether it will ever get bored of it though. What do you cat lovers out there think?

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