Kodak Playfull video camera loves the water


What does a labrador retriever and the Kodak Playfull video camera have in common? Well, they both love the water, although I would say that the labrador is more waterproof in a sense since it can remain in there far longer than the Playfull. We won’t talk about dogs today, but rather, Kodak’s latest version of their video camera which is meant to immortalize your tender and precious moments in a digital format, regardless of how wet it is around you.

The Kodak Playfull video camera is not very large, but comfortably small enough so that it can find its way into to fit easily in a pocket or small purse. While you will not be able to capture precious moments in Full HD quality, at least it offers the bare minimum for today’s standard which is 720p quality videos, but it would have been nicer to see Full HD resolution supported instead in this day and age. Perhaps in the next version, Kodak?

Just because it is waterproof does not mean it is super tough like a Sonim smartphone, so don’t go about abusing it to test the limits of its durability. Waterproof here would mean being able to survive recording underwater without the need for an external case for up to 10 feet, and being dust proof translates to dust bunnies looking at other gadgets to begin their families there. At least it is durable to a certain extent by surviving drops of up to 5-feet on plywood and not concrete, so do be a bit careful if you’re the owner of 10 butterfingers.

Nice to know the LCD display comes with a “Glare Shield” that adjusts its brightness accordingly so that you can view whatever the LCD is showing under direct sunlight, an area that most devices are still struggling with even today. Apart from the regular appearance of integrated effects like sepiatone, black and white, and high saturation among others, you will also find an SDHC memory card slot that is compulsory considering this puppy comes with only 18MB of internal memory. Shame, really, but I guess for $99.95 a pop, there really isn’t much to complain about, is there?

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Christy Says: October 3, 2011 at 10:56 am

Wow, I have been looking for something like that. It will be great for the kids to “play with” as it is not that expensive and will probably survive a trip in the pool :) Thanks for the post!

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