Twitch Automated Cat Toy

I am a firm believer in the theory that dogs need to be taken for a walk daily in order to burn off their excess energy so that behaviorial problems can be minimized or eliminated – but when it comes to cats, it seems that those felines do not know their place. They think that they’re the master of the place, traipsing in and out as they please without a care or concern in the world on how you’re feeling at that particular moment. And yet, some of us continue to play subservient to this species, so if you fall under that category, you might want to check out the $19.99 Twitch Automated Cat Toy. This cat toy intends to help keep your little feline friend occupied whenever you’re away, where this programmable toy will provide some form of entertainment for your cat. It can be attached to most surfaces without any issues thanks to the suction cup, and will sport regulars such as the ball, feather, & bell toy that swings around in order to invite an attack. Put it in “Away” mode and it will beep and perform a 10-minute play session at the time of your choice throughout the day. Just make sure there is enough food in the bowl and a clean set of litter before you pack your bags and leave!]]>