Cadence Ecomatic Sport Watch

The ladies have their handbags and shoes to drool over, but we men have watches. Well, for the majority of us, to own a watch from one of the high end branded names remains a pipe dream simply because we’d much rather drive around a car than to have the same amount of money being exchanged for a shining timepiece on our wrists. Good thing there are different levels of brands, and Cadence offers a glimpse of the opulent at a rather reasonable price point – in the form of the Cadence Ecomatic Sport Watch. What makes this watch be part of the “green” revolution? Well, we are talking about a battery-free watch – yes, that’s right, you need not worry about dead batteries (although I admit, that happens only once in a while, and you always have your phone to tell the time), as Cadence¬ís Ecomatic watches will wind themselves as long as it experiences motion, thanks to the wonders of kinetic energy. These watches will be able to stash away energy for 36 days even without a single movement, and so if you happen to leave it at home and head off for a week-long holiday, there is always the simple task of manually winding the watch once you have returned. It will be a formal watch for formal settings, but by no means is it fragile, thanks to Miyota 8215 movement that is made in Japan, with automatic movement enabling the auto-winding mechanism, a genuine leather wristband, being water resistant up to 100 meters, while coming in a 42mm stainless steel case for that added touch of class. The super luminescent dial and watch hands will definitely add a level of sophistication to your look, where it pits itself against the black or orange face of the watch. While the Ecomatic Sport Watch goes for $225 a pop, you can always pick it up earlier in a pre-order promotion, receiving a 40% discount in the process. I wonder what the profit margin is like… Press Release]]>