Driver Ejecting Bumpercrafts look fun

Want to teach your kids the impact that an accident can have on people in a car who do not wear seat belts? Apart from bringing them to a crash test dummy site, there might be a far more fun way of imparting such a lesson – through the $59.95 Driver Ejecting Bumpercrafts. Yes sir, the name itself says it all – these remote controlled bumpercrafts will see two players being pitted in a bitter duel, where the objective is to literally unseat an opponent driver. Since each bumpercraft has an impact area button on its left and right, whenever the button is struck by an opposing bumpercraft, there is no bargaining with the built-in spring as it ejects the craft’s driver out of its seat. Your remote control will allow the bumpercraft to move forward, backward, left, and right, as long as it remains within a 10 foot radius. Needless to say, it would be best to play this on smooth, level surfaces, anything rougher than that and it is going to get stuck all too easily. You might want to stock up on your collection of AAA batteries though, since you will need 10 of those puppies to power each set.]]>