Case-Mate accidentally posts iPhone 5 cases early (Whoops!)

by Mark R

We have reported on Case-Mate before, and they make cases for a lot of mobile gadgets. A few months ago, we reported on Case-Mate’s contribution to the iPad 2.

It would appear that Case-Mate is trying to be current, and they might have jumped the gun. Case-Mate accidentally posted their cases for the iPhone 5 earlier today, even though the official announcement won’t be until mid-October. As you might have guessed, the company took the page with the new cases down. I can imagine the panic attack that the Case-Mate execs had after they learned that the posts for the iPhone 5 cases had gone live.

I can testify to the quality of Case-Mate’s products, and something tells me what happened was a simple mistake. I hope it isn’t a deliberate leak like I have been suspecting lately with iPhone prototypes.

I’m guessing that the Case-Mate catalog programmers were prepping for the October release, and accidentally hit the “Publish” button when they should have hit the “Save as Draft” button. It happens to bloggers all the time, believe me.

Apparently, Case-Mate had seven models of these iPhone 5 cases on display today. They certainly look pretty nice, and it is too bad that my Sources don’t have a price for them.


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