Six-engine Oliver VTOL plane

Yes, this cool-looking aircraft doesn’t exist as yet. This is the Oliver VTOL (Vertical Take-Off Landing), and it has six engines instead of the usual three of a jet engine. Some of you might be wondering how such a vehicle could land. This is because you are seeing it from the front-facing view. If you could see it from the side, then you would know that the “top” and “bottom” propellers are at about the same level as the middle propellers. There are two propellers in the back and two in front that can swivel upward so the plane can take off without a runway. According to my Source, the six engines are better than even four, as it is safer for when one engine or even one wing section breaks down. This particular plane can fly further, faster, and takes less fuel. This Oliver VTOL is looking for $12 million in funding in order to make this aircraft a reality. I hope he gets the funding, as I would like to see this plane in reality. I would really like to see how it handles landing and taking off. I guess I am wondering if the transition from air to ground would be smooth. Source ]]>

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  1. That design makes a degree of sense. The Bell V-22 Osprey has only two rotors, and therefore needs heavy cross-connecting shafts to allow one engine to drive both in the event of a failure. This design can probably just throttle back the opposite engine if one fails.
    On the other hand the Osprey ran into unsuspected problems through running into its own wake when descending. I imagine this one would have some surprises of its own.

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