Darth Vader CD Player

Do you remember the muppets, those hand-puppets that seemingly have their heads shaved in half at the point of the mouth whenever they talk, and I can’t help but remember that whenever I lay my eyes on the Darth Vader CD Player. Strange though that the Dark Lord of the Sith, surrounded by such high tech droids and ships, is reduced to a mantelpiece that splits open in half at the nose to reveal a…CD player. Yea, seems to be the perfect gift for those who prefer physical media to hold their music, don’t you think so? Good thing this officially licensed product isn’t going to cost a pretty penny at just $69.95 a pop. Just in case you get sick and tired of the tunes in your CD collection, there is always the far more random option – scour through the various AM/FM radio stations on this puppy. There is a telescopic antenna located in the rear base, letting you receive better reception without having Vader look like a wuss. ]]>

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