Flex-Fire makes you a better shot on the Move

I first encountered the Flex-Fire at E3 last June, and I wrote about it then. I got a chance to try it out for myself, and for those who have PS3 Move games where a rifle is involved, this will help you out. According to the official company site, it has been shown to increase gamers’ winning edge by 19 percent. The reason why is because this PS3 Move accessory has a flexible “barrel” that allows the player to shift targets with a flick of a wrist, instead of moving the whole rifle accessory. The Flex-fire has a flip down handle, plus an extendable shoulder support. It also has a way to “stiffen” the flexible barrel if the player wants to go that route. It all feels like you have a real gun. Okay, now that we are past the jump, I will let you in on a little secret, the Flex-Fire can work for the Wiimote. It is not marketed to work for the Wii, and yet it does. I did some experimenting, and discovered that the Wiimote fits in nice and snug. It feels like it was made for it, and the handle feels like it was made for a Wiimote. I can testify that you can’t connect the Wiimote and the Nunchuk, but if you use the B key on the Wiimote, you got yourself a Wii accessory with the Flex-Fire. In fact, the Flex-Fire probably was made for the Wii, I remember talking to one of the people at the Flex-Fire booth, and he said that it was originally made for the Wii. However, there were “problems” with Nintendo, and they ended up marketing it for the PS3 Move. If Nintendo is listening, I have to say: “what is your problem”? Are you worried that you aren’t going to get your cut from Prodagen with this? This is a perfect Wii accessory, get on board, Nintendo. If you want the Flex-Fire for the PS3 Move, you can get it here for pre-order for $29.99. ]]>

3 thoughts on “Flex-Fire makes you a better shot on the Move”

  1. You suck Mark. You really do. Get some better articles. Get some better stuff. The Flex-fire is a piece of SH!T. How do you recommend this?
    You stuck a Wii Remote (not Wiimote you dumbass) in a Move accessory? How retarded are you?

  2. Flex-Fire looks awesome. Guy above obviously has a problem with the writer…Jealous Much?
    I too tried the Flex-Fire at E3 and it really works. I’m terrible at motions games, but I was actually playing well with this gadget.
    Keep your head up Mark R… Haters gonna hate.

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