Virtual Reality coming to the Sony Playstation?

by Mark R

I didn’t visit Sony’s booth at CES last January, but apparently they had this pair of OLED VR goggles on display.

The Sony 3D virtual reality headset is not a product available for this year, but is actually more of a concept and prototype. The senior director of Sony Worldwide Studios has stated that the company is trying to do some research and development for some immersive VR.

So are we seeing another age of Virtual Boy? Hopefully it will be much better than that, since the technology of tracking has improved with the Kinect, not to mention the Move. Yes, the tracking is here. The screen resolution is also here, not to mention the processing power. What I’m trying to say is that the stars aligning for a very cool advancement in 3D in the near future.

If that is the case, then why hasn’t Sony said anything about it? Perhaps they wanted the Vita to get all the press. Man, if Sony does intend to ever have a VR gaming accessory, it certain is taking its sweet time developing it.

Maybe it will become available when the PS4 becomes available. I wonder if the headset will look like this. Right now, it looks like a cross between Tron and Cyclops’ visor from X-men.


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David Susilo Says: July 20, 2011 at 7:03 pm

I hope Sony will release at least the goggles soon. The weight is only slightly heavier than 3D active glasses, resolution is 1920x1080p per eye.

Watching 3D with this goggle during CES is a hoot. Full 1080p resolution, with zero crosstalk (because each eye literally is seeing one frame and the other eye is seeing a completely different frame), and it’s approximately like viewing a 9ft screen from 9ft away.

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