Genius SP-HF2020 2-tower speaker system

Normally, when it comes to the name Genius, we more often than not think of keyboards as well as a bevy of mice that the Taiwanese company has already churned out. Well, this firm isn’t content by resting on their laurels with those peripherals, but also deals with speaker systems for the computer, and their latest effort would involve the Genius SP-HF2020 2-tower speaker system which has arrived at the US and Canada. Folks living in North American will now be able to take their computer audio to a whole new level with the 2-piece 60 watt (RMS) SP-HF2020 speaker system, and this is assuming you never had any form of decent speakers before, sticking to the stock two-piece setup that came with the computer a couple of years ago. To know more about the Genius SP-HF2020, why not hit the extended post? To keep up its appearance of being more towards the high end side of things, the SP-HF2020 will be accompanied by a remote control so that you need not trouble yourself, getting up from your La-Z-Boy to change the volume level. Each tower will sport a solitary high-quality 1” tweeter for treble sound, while one 3” close frame speaker is touted to deliver accurate mid-range sound, alongside a couple of 3” open frame speakers which delivers beautiful and rich sounding bass. These speakers are touted to be useful when it comes to viewing TV, movies, playing games, and just chilling out with your favorite artists. There is also a professional-grade D2Audio digital sound processor (DSP) with three equalizer effects thrown into the mix for added effect, where the EQ-WideSound is capable of mimicking large room/amphitheater sound quality, while EQ-DeepBass is there to heighten and increase bass level sounds, with EQ-AudioAlign helping optimize sound output to a specific location within a room for maximum enjoyment. The chic piano black front and side panels are surefire fingerprint magnets, but we’re sure they are gonna get touched a whole lot less compared to you pulling out an iPad 2 from your tote bag. ]]>