Solitaire Chess


If you’re a chess whizz kid who absolutely hates to lose, then you might find yourself preserving your unbeaten track record among your peers – but that’s because no one wants to play with you because you’re such a sore loser. Or it could be you’re just too good, and not a gracious winner at all.

Well, guess you will just have to play with yourself then, and since chess is a 2-player game, what other option do you have? Enter Solitaire Chess, which offers a strategic twist on a timeless classic. This is the perfect tool for you to sharpen your chess game – or perhaps, perfect it if you’re nearly there already. You have five dozen challenges to choose from, ranging from beginner to expert to keep your noggin’ occupied this summer.

The $19.99 Solitaire Chess will stretch your critical thinking muscles to the maximum, ensuring that even during the off season, you can still get your practice “shots” in.

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