Western Digital Nomad rugged case for your hard drive


Western Digital has long released hard drives in the portable and not-so-portable form factors, but this time around they decide to work on the former – through the idea of a protective case to ensure your hard drive remains safe and secure from most general knocks and bumps which do plague the hard drive during its lifetime, albeit for some occasionally.

The WD Nomad rugged case might be aptly named, since it will cater for those who tend to do a whole lot of traveling, and when once moves about a whole lot, it increases the chances of something bad happening to your hard drive which could be sitting nice and safe inside a desktop computer chassis in your home. The Nomad rugged case is no pushover, where this durable case will keep My Passport portable hard drives safe from drops as high as seven feet, moisture and spills and other mishaps that normally occur with active, on-the-go lifestyles. The average road warrior would do well to get one of these, since you can never quite tell when Murphy would strike.

The WD Nomad rugged case will sport a polycarbonate exterior and shock-absorbing elastomer cushion on the inside. For those who are concerned with standards and specifics, the Nomad does not disappoint since it conforms to strict military standards (MIL-STD-810G) where ruggedness is concerned. Apart from that, it will sport a heavy-duty latch and silicon liner that will seal out dirt, dust, and moisture.

This uniquely functional design also boasts of an opening for the drive’s USB connector that makes it possible for you to access the drive even when it remains within the case. Of course, those who have dealt with hard drives would know that they tend to get hot over time, so we do wonder just how well the ventilation process is on the WD Nomad as the hard drive remains parked inside.

For added protection, a molded exterior ring has been thrown into the mix, paving the way for users to attach a carabiner, cable, or nylon strap for added and convenient accessibility.Now for those who are interested in picking up the WD Nomad rugged case, make sure you have one of the following hard drive models from Western Digital themselves first – My Passport Essential, My Passport Essential SE, My Passport Elite, My Passport for Mac, and My Passport SE for Mac. Want one? It can be purchased for $29.95 a pop.

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