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When it comes to the world of headphones, surely you yourself have heard of the V-MODA name – after all, it is the premier music lifestyle brand which pioneered the fashion headphone category. Well, V-MODA has partnered with HBO so that they can introduce a new line of headphones which are touted to embody “the spirit of the award-winning series, True Blood”.
Ready to hit store shelves later this summer, the “V-MODA for True Blood” collection will comprise of half a dozen models that range from ear buds to headphones, where it also includes a brand new style that was specially crafted for this range. The “Hearwear” was tailored to the tastes and sensibilities of the millions who are able to identify with True Blood’s alluring, sexy style.

V-MODA’s Chief Visionary Officer and DJ, Val Kolton, was the one who crafted the lifestyle brand which of course will find the alliance with True Blood a natural occurrence. After all, True Blood fans, music lovers, night-dwellers and artisans will all be drawn to the headphones’ almost immortal durability, thanks to V-MODA’s MaterialEDGE military-tough testing processes with more than four years of quality engineering thrown into the mix.
The product’s timeless materials used inside include metal plates, Kevlar-reinforced cables and luxurious fabrics, without sacrificing on functionality so that in a similar vein to True Blood’s vampires, it is able to work for years without showing any signs of deterioration. Even more important is the fact that each product has been masterfully tuned alongside legendary musicians, producers and DJs so that your ears will enjoy what they call, “supernatural” audio.
No word on pricing, but they are not going to be that cheap to begin with, considering the pedigree that the V-MODA brand name has. Well, you always have got to pay for quality, so we don’t see any reason not to go the other way around this time, too.
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  1. True Blood “branded” or not V-MODA’s headphones tend have great quality design and especially audio good enough for the majority of consumers. It’s hard to tell how well these will sell but i’m guessing they’ll probably do well in sales (especially with the True Blood fans).

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