The last typewriter company is no more, as is the typewriter

An India-based typewriter manufacturing company known as Godrej and Boyce has just closed its doors, which means that no typewriters will ever be on the market again.
The company states that since the early 2000’s and upwards, computers dominated the market. All the other manufacturers of office typewriters ceased, but Godrej and Boyce continued to make ten to twelve thousand of these typewriting machines until 2009. Now, it is down to 200 typewriters in its stock.
It is hard to believe that this is the end of the typewriter, but we shouldn’t really be surprised. The only reason we kept them around is to fill in official documents. However, these documents are now on computers, and it is just easier to fill in the documents on a computer and print out both. Especially now when most documents are available online.
I suppose that it is time to salute our old friend. Granted, I won’t miss its terrible ability to correct errors, but its invention did lead to advancements like the word processor.
It’s hard to believe that I learned to type on an old fashioned typewriter, but most of it was on a computer. It kind of makes me feel old. My children have never had to use a typewriter, and, if they ever get a chance to use one, they will probably approach it like I would approach the telegraph.

2 thoughts on “The last typewriter company is no more, as is the typewriter”

  1. Several errors here.
    1. Godrej & Boyce is prospering, they are simply not making typewriters anymore.
    2. They did not just stop making them; they stopped in 2009 and are selling off their remaining stock.
    3. Manual typewriters are still being made. Some small factories in China and Taiwan make manual portables.
    4. Electronic typewriters are still being made, in large quantities, by Swintec, Brother, and others.

  2. Sorry, my point #2 was correctly stated in this article. Some other stories on the topic misstated it.

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