PhoneSheriff – Know Where your Kids are, and What they’re Doing

Retina-X Studios just announced the availability of PhoneSheriff for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows smartphones. This parental control service for mobile phones allows parents to monitor, filter, and restrict their children’s smartphone activities. The parent sets the software to record and block activities associated with specific numbers and it can also track locations via GPS.
PhoneSheriff is a stealth application which allows parents to see everything their kids do while on the phone, like every text message sent or received, every call dialed or received and all videos and pictures captured by the phone. Yikes! Then, parents can check the kids actions by logging onto the hidden interface on the phone itself, or in order to be extra sneaky, they can log into a secure Web panel from any Web browser to view the recorded logs and stored GPS locations. Boy I’m glad my parents didn’t have this stuff when I was a kid!
This new program can also block phone numbers from contacting your kid via SMS or phone calls. In addition, applications and websites can be filtered or restricted. Parents can also set a time schedule to allow or disallow use of the phone at certain times. Score one, for total parental control.
PhoneSheriff also allows parents to send secret SMS commands to the monitored phone. This allows parents to track where their child is at any time using the Instant GPS Locate command. This feature also works as an anti-theft element, as parents can locate and monitor the phone even when the SIM card has been changed. Wow… I’m all for keeping track of kids, but isn’t this almost too much of a parental advantage? Not that I wouldn’t use it, I’m just saying if my folks had this, I’d still be grounded.
A one-year subscription to the PhoneSheriff costs $49.97 and works with Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Symbian OS smartphones. For more information, please visit oh, and good luck to your kids.

4 thoughts on “PhoneSheriff – Know Where your Kids are, and What they’re Doing”

  1. So what would prevent me from installing this to my wifes phone for example? Why don’t kids have the same right for privacy as parents do? Only a total control freak would use this on their kids.

  2. I think sometimes kids make bad choices, and while technology can be a good thing… it also can add to the bad choices a kid can make… you can watch them on the computer to some small degree, but not the phone. I’m torn too mardicas, does better safe than sorry apply here? I don’t know myself. My husbands phone… hmmmmmmm… now theres a thought 😉

  3. when it comes to your children, always err on the side of caution… with the very real threat of cyber bullying, some parents find out about poor choices once it’s too late… and snooping on adults without consent is unlawful in many states, you should check your local laws to determine what is right and fair…

  4. Man! All this ‘stealth/spy/tracking’ crap has got to have some kind of consequences if it’s used on someone unknowingly. This is America, right? Until then, I guess the ‘spy’ should just be prepared to have their lights punched out.

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