The EyeReader app on your iPhone – Lets you Read the Small Print

First, let me tell you that I have in fact reached an age where I require very subtle vision correction, Okay, I have reached an age where I can’t see the television 6 feet in front of me without my glasses on, let’s face it, being “almost 30” for the 10th time isn’t all its cracked up to be, and when I find myself without my cool librarian glasses, I’m as blind as a bat.
So it was interesting to check out the EyeReader by Net|Soft Engineering. EyeReader is the first, in a series of  new “Silver Apps” – applications geared towards users 45 and older. Utilizing the iPhone 4’s full 3.5-inch widescreen display and 4 bright LED lights, EyeReader illuminates any surface and offers up to 5X magnification, it also gives users the ability to zoom in and out with two fingers via touch-screen technology. It’s perfect for reading menus, playbills, instructions on prescription medication or any fine print.
The brainchild of engineer Gerry Lavender, EyeReader takes only half a megabyte and is just $1.99 to download from the iTunes store.
“Older adults are looking for apps that meet their needs,” says Lavender. “You may forget your reading glasses, but you’re never without your iPhone.  As a Baby Boomer myself I fully understand the challenges seniors face and it’s been the inspiration for Silver Apps, all designed to make life easier for that population.
Lavender is already looking ahead to the evolution of EyeReader creating a version compatible with Android phones and he’s also developing some apps for the new iPad. Interesting stuff, that might come in handy should I ever admit to getting older.
Available now for only $1.99.

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