Rowbike lets you burn that fat off

The best time to start exercising is always now, so if you think that taking the old school route of swimming or jogging isn’t attractive enough for you (even with an iPod attached to your ears), then you might want to consider picking up the Rowbike.
This is one exercise apparatus which is touted to merge the full-body workout of rowing with the exhilarating ride of a recumbent bicycle. You’d be interested to know who invented the Rowbike – it is the brainchild of Scott Olson, the creator of Rollerblade inline skates, where this two-wheeler will be propelled by rowing with its handlebar, helping transmit power to a chain-driven rear wheel.
Since the Rowbike will see to it that all your major muscle groups will get their fair due of sweat alongside cardio conditioning, it offers double the workout in half the time. It also lets you exercise amidst ever-changing scenery and terrain outdoors so that your workouts will remain challenging and fresh. There is a thumb-operated gearshift that has been mounted to the handlebar.
It might cost you $1,400, but at least that is the equivalent of a year’s worth of gym membership so you might as well make it count.