Harman announces JBL Cinema 300 and Cinema 500 speaker systems

Looking for a new speaker system for your home? That’s where the JBL Cinema 300 and Cinema 500 speaker systems intend to fit the bill, using the expertise of JBL engineers to make it possible for movie soundtracks being brought to life right in the comfort of your living room. Both of these speaker systems are among the smallest and most stylish that Harman has ever produced, offering a complete 5.1 home theater package that delivers a lot of clarity.
Not only do the Cinema 300 and 500 systems look good on the outside, they were also specially designed with signature JBL Weave aesthetic styling in mind. You can bet your bottom dollar that all components in each package were engineered and designed to work as an entire system, delivering optimal performance to your ears. A quartet of identical satellites are voice-matched to the center for consistent sound from speaker to speaker. Not only that, these systems employ a couple of PolyPlas cones in the center channel.

The Cinema series will come with a 150-watt powered subwoofer coupled with a fast-moving 8-inch (200mm) woofer. It isn’t the same as that of conventional front-firing drivers, the subwoofer will definitely interact with the floor instead of nearby walls, resulting in you experiencing what true entertainment is all about regardless of the movie you’re watching. Of course, it would make more sense if you start looking more at your DVD or Blu-ray movie collection to get the most explosive aural experience possible.
The JBL Cinema 300 system can be yours for $499, and if you want the JBL Cinema 500 system, it will cost you another $200 on top of that. Right now, what kind of home theater systems are you using, and do you think it is time for an upgrade? Surely getting either one is worth the investment since you need not change it too often like a video game console.