The Select Air System – Wireless Temperature Control, for Every Room

I don’t know how it’s been for you guys this winter, but here in the New York area it has been brutal. Too much snow, and bitterly cold. The heat was on at our house 24/7 and I have the skin of an alligator to prove it, and the heating bill, well, let’s just say if we opt not to pay for my daughters college, we should be okay.
But I have 10 years to replenish the college fund, so its a good thing that Advector Systems has developed the Select Air System, a fully wireless and automated residential zoning system that puts you in control of your energy usage, comfort and your budget.  The wireless Select Air System allows you to have a virtual thermostat in EVERY room of your house. You don’t leave the lights on in rooms your not using, why should you heat or cool them?
“Not only will you be able to set different temperatures in every room for added comfort, but you will be able to limit wasted energy associated with heating and cooling empty rooms,” explained Boris Medic, Advector System Managing Director and Select Air System Designer.
And, you don’t have to buy a brand new home to get the benefits…
“One of the major advantages of a wireless system is the installation costs. Typical zoning systems could take days to install and cost thousands in electrical and structural rework,” said Shawn Grennan, Advector Systems Managing Director. “Our Select Air System can be installed in only a few hours, making it easily one of the most pocket savvy systems available.”
So I can warm the rooms we use and not the ones we don’t, save some money on the energy costs and still pay for college. How sweet is that? The SELECT-AIR SYSTEM HVAC zone control solution consists of the inVENT wireless damper, the ADVISOR wireless zoning thermostat, and the FLEX remote thermostat and temperature sensor. The new Select Air System can provide HVAC energy savings of up to 40-50%.
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