Illuminottoman paves the way for a funky living room

These days, if you want to keep up with the Joneses or even outdo them, then you must have some sort of hard hitting financial firepower – or plenty of creativity, of course. When it comes to taste in home furniture, that is a very subjective topic, but Hammacher might let you have a winner on your hands with the aptly named Illuminottoman. Gotta love the creative slant to its name, that’s for sure.
This weatherproof ottoman will be at home (no pun intended) indoors as well as outdoors, illuminating with a color-changing soft glow or a vibrant luminescence. With a grand total of 58 LEDs within the leg rest to produce green, white, red, blue, yellow, purple, or light blue hues, you can always make full use of the included remote control to adjust the brightness to three different levels.
The more settled among you might want the ottoman to cast a constant glow in one color, while others might opt for transitioning seamlessly through the hues, or have it flash quickly in each shade if you’re throwing a party. With a 3-hour timer and a rechargeable battery that delivers up to eight hours of light after a six-hour charge, your party will be the most colorful on the block. The Illuminottoman can be yours for $149.95, so getting a bunch of these ain’t gonna come cheap, either.

1 thought on “Illuminottoman paves the way for a funky living room”

  1. $149.95 for one of these? You can’t be serious right? I love how the cube looks but you can find cheaper ones out in the market.
    They aren’t as light controlled as Illuminottoman but hey, it’s way cheaper and has almost the same color as this one.
    although owning one or five of these would be really sweet.

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