The Cobra Tag – Where’s My Stuff?


Okay, I’m pretty good with my mobile phone, and even better with my camera, iPad and laptop. Truth be told, it’s my handbag that l lose all the time. (You can see where my priorities are) I just cant keep my hands on that thing. I tried to carry a change purse instead and that was even worse, I’m already into my second set of replacement credit cards this year. Geez.

Welcome, Cobra Tag, a new and different alarm and loss prevention system that utilizes a smartphone app paired via Bluetooth to a small key fob type device.  Users download the Cobra Tag app to their smartphone and then attach the Cobra Tag device to any item they wish to protect, such as car keys, a purse, or laptop bag. The Cobra Tag monitors the distance between the phone and tagged items and produces an audible alert if they become separated. But that’s not the best part…

The best part is that the Cobra Tag app can actually record the GPS location and the time of day the items became separated, and sends this information to you via email, text message, or even to a linked Facebook or Twitter account. No word on whether it will read “Dear dummy, you walked away from your stuff again.” But I do know that the Cobra Tag also includes a handy two-way finder feature. Pressing a button on the key fob will then ring the paired smartphone, so you’re good, as long as you only lose one thing at a time. I have to go now, my wallet is texting me.

Cobra Tag will be available July 2011 for around $59.99.  The associated App will be available via the Android Market at




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