VIA VID series digital touchscreen displays

Mention VIA and chances are you will think of motherboards first, with LCD displays in a distance. Well, the company does more than just motherboards as you can tell from their new VID series of digital touchscreen displays that were specially designed for action in a wide range of modern interactive kiosks, POI and POS embedded systems, further extending VIA’s position as a total system and embedded component provider.
It will come in ruggedized and open frame configurations to suit a slew of environments, where the VIA VID series will range anywhere from 7 inches all the way to 19 inches, delivering excellent compatibility with VIA embedded systems not to mention added longevity support, complete scalability and a robust feature set ideal for commercial and industrial deployment.

The VIA VID Series displays that come in a ruggedized configuration will feature IP65 water resistance compliancy as well as being capable of operating in temperatures of -10°C to 70°, which makes it ideal for harsh industrial environments. Not only that, VIA VID displays will feature a robust aluminum chassis, and come in a range of colors for those who find it hard to make up their minds.
Apart from that, these displays are capable of supporting SXGA mode display resolutions of up to 1280 x 1024 pixels, where the VIA VID series displays will come with the latest in bright LED backlight technology with a range of 7″ to 19″ TFT LCD panels. In addition, your eyes will definitely thank you for a screen brightness of up to 600cd/m2 and wide viewing angles of up to 178°.
The use of TFT LCD technology will further reduce your power consumption by up to 30% compared to conventional CCFL backlight LCD. There is also a 5-wire USB-based resistive touch interface that delivers excellent responsiveness for interactive display applications.
Connectivity wise, all VIA VID displays will support HDMI and 15 pin D-Sub VGA ports, accompanied by an additional mounting option for hard drive and Wi-Fi modules.
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