Inflatable Roof Rack

Do you happen to do a whole lot of traveling via car or 4WD? Well, if your ride is used to transport a whole lot of stuff, then you might be interested in picking up the Inflatable Roof Rack. This roof rack for your set of wheels is able to inflate within minutes, making it a snap to provide easy transportation of oversized loads. Of course, this looks a whole lot better than the unsightly permanent racks which require tools and time to install and remove, but we suppose there is always a risk of it being punctured – all in the name of convenience.
Each of these two heavy-duty rack supports come with inflatable PVC bladders, boasting double straps at all four ends to make sure it remains stable even when tucked into the top of the front and back windows. Sturdy ABS buckles will cinch the straps taut in the car’s interior. The rack inflates thanks to the included 12-volt electric pump, so you need not huff and puff your way through. At $149.95 a pop, it does seem like a pretty decent investment.