Fijit Friends – Robots for Girls

It’s no surprise that kids flock towards interactive toys. I remember when the closest thing I had to interactive toy was a my Rock Flowers doll, she would attach to the top of a little yellow record that every doll came with, and she would spin on top of your record player for as long as you left the darn thing on. I would dance with “Lilac” for hours. Forget interactive toys, my kid doesn’t even know what a record player is.
My how times have changed, Check out Fijit Friends, made of soft, squishable skin that enables life-like movements, girls can poke and squeeze a Fijit Friend for fun surprises. With chirp technology (special audio coding usually embedded in media platforms like commercials or webisodes) Fijit Friends can actually react to something that you’re watching, and with their word recognition capability, Fijit Friends can understand and respond to more than 30 verbal commands, with more than 150 built-in phrases and jokes.
With specialized “Beat Detection” your Fijit Friends can recognize different types of music and perform dance moves on tempo, sure beats the heck out of the endless spinning of my poor Rock Flowers doll huh? And they include four original songs of their own… but I’ll bet, severely lacking the very cool 60’s vibe of my little yellow 45’s. Hey, I’m trying to make myself feel better here.
There will be four different Fijit Friends that all have distinct colors, voices, ears and personalities. Available for pre-order at for around $49.00 bucks. I think I want one.