Treefies – Play the Game, Save the Planet


Every toy these days seems to have an on-line world where you can design a room, change outfits and plant a pumpkin, but I’m not sure anyone is learning anything. Virtual worlds have become part of doing business for toymakers, but what are our kids getting out of it?

Well, here’s a new collectable plush toy with a twist, meet Treefies. Everytime you purchase aTreefie you get a tree is planted in your honor. The type of tree will vary depending on a specific area of need, for instance fruit trees in an area in need of food sources, this in turn helps reduce the effect of climate change on the Earth and probably makes Treefies one of the most ecological toys on the World. Of course,Treefies come with the familiar “Code” that grants you access to all the features on including lessons on climate change and the environment.

In the online world, has several interesting areas for you to explore. Once your Treefie is registered, you will be able to download a certificate indicating that a tree has been planted in your honor. That’s a great way to recognize you for helping the environment! also has several exciting games where you can discover new things about the environment, energy, animals and other topics in a simple and non threatening way. You can also keep track of your Treefie collection and all your earth saving trees.

They have quite a few well made little animals to choose from and will be adding more in the future, finally play with a purpose, mom likes that.

Available now from for only aroun $6.00 bucks.


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